Keith Wickramasekara

Software Engineer / Photographer

What they don't teach you in school

A personal finance article where I go over saving, investing, managing debt and a few other topics.

Chicken Ramen

This is one of my favors recipes because I love ramen eggs and the taste it makes when the egg yolk mixes wth the broth. Preparing the egg may take a while otherwise its a quick and easy recipe.

How this blog was built

A quick look into the recent updates and the tools I use to publish this blog.

Building a home theater on a budget

Theres a lot to consider when you are building a home theater for the first time. It can be kind of overwhelming let alone trying to do everything confined to a certain budget.

Photography gear I use for landscapes

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what gear I use. So lets explore what's in my arsenal that help me do what I do.

Tips and tricks for travel

I have been traveling quite a bit after graduating college and I just wanted to create this post to outline some of the tips and tricks I’v found over time.

Always shoot RAW

So a little background before I begin - lately my leisure time has been heavily invested in aerial photography because I snatched this drone a couple of months back. It has opened up new ways for me to frame shots

Free resources to ace FAA part 107 exam

I am very happy to say that I passed the FAA sUAS knowledge test today. It was truly a great experience as I learned a lot about airspace, weather and aircrafts.