Grocery shopping is something I have been doing every week at Kroger and when they announced their own grocery delivery service (Boost), I signed up to try. This is an added premium service on top of their free membership. It costs $59 per year and with that, you get next-day free delivery and double fuel points. If you want quicker same-day delivery, they also have another tier which costs $99 per year.

Promotional image of Kroger Boost programKroger Boost promo (YouTube)

Process is quite simple and easy - you can create a shopping list in your Kroger account and go to the checkout where they show delivery times. They have hourly blocks you can choose from and I usually pick morning deliveries. On the day of delivery, you get text notifications for substitutions if any items in the order is out of stock. You also get notified before and after the order is being delivered.

Free delivery

So how do I get free delivery, you might ask. Because you get double points for everything, those fuel points rack up significantly, and you can get upto $1 off per gallon. I have been averaging about 50 cents off a gallon with my usual grocery orders and I was able to save about $6.50 for a 13 gallon fuel fill up. If we add that over the course of a year, that comes up to $78 in savings which is more than the Boost membership.

Other perks

You also get member special coupons periodically that can boost(pun intended) your savings. These are pretty easy to add as they pop up during checkout.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the service since it saves a lot of time, and as someone who likes to automate anything repetitive, this is a great help. Also, because the fuel point savings pretty much pays for itself, this felt like a no-brainer for me. Hope it will be beneficial for others as well.