Yes, for 99 cents and its iCloud Plus! Womp, womp.. But seriously, hear me out. Last year, Apple made decent updates to their iCloud plans and introduced many features that I don't see many people talk about. Two features that I use on a daily basis are the “hide my email” and “custom email domain”.

Hide my email

There are lot of junk being delivered to our email inboxes these days thanks to marketing, newsletters and data breaches(check if your email is leaked). This can be somewhat controlled if you use “Hide my email” which more or less acts as a proxy service. If you become part of a data breach, you can simply deactivate that proxy address and nothing will link back to you.

Another nice thing is, you can reply using proxy addresses so your real email address is never exposed. In typical Apple fashion, all these features integrate really well if you use their apps — when you open up a sign up page in Safari or compose a new email in Apple Mail, you will see the option to hide your email.

Apple Mail screenshot Apple Mail compose window

Custom email domain

Custom email addresses usually cost about $60 a year ($5/mo.). But if you already have a domain, you can use iCloud to create email addresses using that domain. You can have up to 3 different email addresses and all of the data will be saved in your iCloud storage.

iCloud also gives you the option to have it be as a catch-all address. So, even if a sender mistype the address, you will still receive that email.

iCloud settingsiCloud setting for catch-all address

End notes

In addition to the extra iCloud storage, there are other useful features like "Private relay" and "HomeKit video" which provides more privacy and storage for security cameras respectively. Overall, I think the features you get for 99 cents are pretty damn good!